I Am from the North

Enough is enough!

No more to die for cause unknown.

Fight that is never won.

Surrender, to one another.


Children of the devolution.

Sick from separation causing suicide.

In this violent culture clash of pride:

Green or orange. You decide?


The North remembers.

Each one of us a story to tell.

Write show, poem, play, song or yarn.

For benefit of mental health, our cultural wealth.


Lay down your weapons.

Prescription pills, half filled baggies and hate filled words.

You have more than this to offer.

Rise above, no more victims of the revolution.


Green and orange becoming brown

The earth, our turf.

Our shared future on our bloody past.

No longer time to hide internal terror.


Time to love and stand united.

I am not British nor am I Irish

I am from the North.