Naked Headstands For Noemi


Did some video mashing tonight.

Naked headstands, for Noemi.

Feels like a fun way to interpret,

the poem I wrote for her.


How long will she stay on my mind,

as the one that got away?

She’s still in my heart today.


It all felt so easy, to be with her, you see.

In silence, in laughter, in blazing row,

I always wanted her. I loved her.

Too easy to romanticise the ones that get away.


Look to the present moment, Adam.

The unescapable reality of that place.

My monkey mind is seeking a distraction.

Craving getting blocked. Life is hard sometimes,

but running isn’t the solution.


Or is it? Time to take Irlanda for a walk.

Highs & Lows

Step up and be a man.

You have the power

To do what you can.

Now cometh the hour.


You savoured the high

Now relish the low.

The moment is nigh,

It is time to grow.


We shared beautiful moments,

Without a shadow of doubt.

New love. Wants and desires

At the forefront.


Honesty, is how relationships grow.

It was a physical affair

Now share, emotionally.

Embrace vulnerability.


Let go of rejection.

It is one woman.

Put yourself out there;

Embrace the suffering.