Sunday 22nd October 2017

Meander over to three incredible men. Intelligent, compassionate and faithful. Greeted like family. As always. High fives, fist bumps and hugs. “Aupa Jim!” “Que tal?” “Muy bien.” “How are you?” A beautiful sound carries these caring words. Gabon sounds like an incredible place. Green. Full of bicycles. Until I get there, I’ll spend time with her children in Bilbao.

Disco dancing in Kremlin. What a fantastic place. Dancefloor big enough for a 198cm stretch. Hands up to the sky. Dancing like there’s nobody watching. Anyone¬†noticed gets a huge grin flashed back. This is fun. Dancing is wonderful.

The local continues to blow me away. Robert. The owner and bar man. Karate master. Aged 53. Poco a poco. Wrote over 100 goals today. Left enough room for translations. Without words I have to ask different questions. Robert is a crossword man. He will relish the challenge. Hopefully the kids will feel the same.

Finished a poem I wrote about Ilenia. She loved it. It was a therapeutic process. A joyful experience without worrying about the result. Have drafts for several more. Planning to hire someone to gather feedback online. Want to identify and enter competitions. Possibly even outsource production. If the focus moves to living the moment then the editing can be outsourced and continue the moment. Each attempt only having one take.

Live the movie you want to watch. Darragh had some wonderful goals. Watch a new movie every week. We are going to make music, films, poetry and much more together. Renaissance men. Surrounded by renaissance women. In our revolution. Plugged into the world we live in. Conscious. Contento.

Met the local drunk. “He is crazy!” they all said. We shared the only moment of silence in the bar tonight. Both stretching peacefully as we sat in our chairs. Watching the world unfold in front of us. We should all be a little crazy if this is the result.