Poco a poco, Adam

Poco a poco, Adam.
There’s only twenty four hours in the day.
Make sure you find the time, to adequately hit the hay.
If you feel uncomfortable, don’t force yourself to stay.
There’s so much to see and do and say;
Just take the next step along the way.

Unknown Darkness

I’m fixated on your memory,

The times just you and I.

A supernova in my life,

That was too quick to die.


See you walking down the street,

Some hair up in a bun.

Feel your breath in mine,

As I sit in contemplation on my bum.


You met me as my best self,

I set my bar quite high.

Yet one mistake later,

You hung me out to try.


I want to say I’m sorry,

For the errors I did not see.

They sit in unknown darkness,

Staring back at me.

Since you left me

Since I met you,

Underwear doesn’t feel the same.

Since I met you,

I haven’t been able to shoulder the blame.


Since I met you,

My life has karate flipped upside down.

Since I met you,

My world now has Spaniards all around.


Since I left you,

I have been full of suspicion.

Since I left you,

I haven’t trusted my intuition.


Since you left me,

My heart has screamed in anguish.

Since you left me,

My soul has been left to languish.


I know exactly where you are.

To walk, to run, to swim, it is too far.

So with this verse, I close the book.

Feeling not like a King or lover, but a crook.

Highs & Lows

Step up and be a man.

You have the power

To do what you can.

Now cometh the hour.


You savoured the high

Now relish the low.

The moment is nigh,

It is time to grow.


We shared beautiful moments,

Without a shadow of doubt.

New love. Wants and desires

At the forefront.


Honesty, is how relationships grow.

It was a physical affair

Now share, emotionally.

Embrace vulnerability.


Let go of rejection.

It is one woman.

Put yourself out there;

Embrace the suffering.