Monday 9th October

Went to my first ever metal gig last night. Can definitely understand the hype. Been listening to old punk songs. Dancing around the flat naked, headphones in. Putting on my best accent:  “Teenage dreams so hard to beat!” Definitely think I could sing lead vocals. Imagine having the confidence to believe that. Es normal. Next karaoke song will be punk. For sure.

Jon’s brother died yesterday. Pretty mental. Sent him my condolences and my sympathy. Can’t imagine what he is going through. Must be quite an awakening. From the bits and pieces I could pick up it seemed like he was involved in Basque independence. Hoping that it wasn’t related. Enough lives have been lost over borders.

Got a couple of students dreaming about their futures. What will your day look like in ten years time? Grateful that I can ask that question. And they respect it! I think it should be a long term project. We can investigate different industries, happiness journals and thought leaders. I want all the kids to believe anything is possible. It also keeps me honest. I need to be ahead of them in terms of resources. If I do that, we will all grow.

Met Ignacio last night at the gig. He has his own events business. Similar thoughts on marketing and entrepreneurship. He mentioned that people walk the camino when they want to make a change. My intentions are more to cement change. If you set out to walk 1000km. You have changed. When you finish, you will be change.

The weather today was difficult to prepare for. 9oC this morning. Felt the sharpness of the cold on my cheeks. A sweltering 22oC on the walk home. Layers.

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